“Never Give Up–Hope in God”

ImageHow often through our day we find ourselves asking the “why” question? Why does a child disobey the parent? Why does my friend scoff and sneer? Why does it seem that a word spoken is taken differently than what I intended it to be? Why does it seems like God is silent and far away? It is at those time I need this reminder: God is as near as the whisper of the wind in the willows, as near as the soft clouds as they float across the sky, as near as the breath of life we take each moment.

In psalm 42 and 43, the psalmist asks two questions: Why do I go about mourning? Why are you cast down O my soul?

If we were honest we have those days when we question the same things. David had reason to mourn because of the constant threat of the enemies seeking his life. He missed the fellowship and the tabernacle. He missed the worship time with others.

Fast forward and we can also see and hear our Savior on the cross hearing the religious leaders and bystanders ask the same age old question the psalmist heard: Where is your God now? He saved others but he cannot save himself. It is at that point that vs 10 seems to be the cry of the heart “My enemies’ taunts cut into me to the bone.” This is how life seems to the psalmist as well. Where is God when he needs him?  His heart aches but his intellect says: hope in God! We can recall the promise of Jesus: I will never leave you nor forsake you. No matter the circumstance this is what we need to do as the palmist did: I will pray to God while I am trapped; I will recall God’s lovingkindness and the song He has put in my heart and in my prayers.

King Solomon said there is “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance.”[Eccl 3] But in those times we can echo: Hope thou in God for He is steadfast and He hears our heart. Our circumstances may not change but our heart and focus do change. That is why we can find solace, peace and joy in our deepest times. Today, if this is your lot in life and you are down, take heart, you are not alone. Both the psalmist and our Savior experienced this and they turned to God to lift themselves out of the miry clay. May you do the same.



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