Privilege and Responsibility

hebrews 9 worship godGod presented the Tabernacle to be a symbol of His love, His forgiveness but “The Holy Spirit is making clear that the way into the holy place had not yet appeared as long as the old tabernacle was standing.” It was a symbol, a picture of what was to come. The old had regulations and only the High Priest could enter within. But, when Christ uttered those words, “It is finished”  He entered the most holy place by his own blood, not the blood of lambs and goats. By doing this He secured our eternal redemption. The curtain that separated and restricted our movement towards God was torn asunder! Now the new has come and with it the freedom to move towards God and enter into the holy of holies.  We are encouraged to “confidently approach the throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace”  [Heb 4]

However, as with each gift there comes not only privilege but also responsibility: “worship the living God.” As regenerated born again believers we are saved to worship and to serve. Salvation is a freedom from the tyranny of sin, a relationship of faith, obedience and service and it was paid by the precious blood of our Savior.

Consider the privilege which has been bestowed upon you to worship not an unknown god as Paul found in Athens but the living God whose throne is in heaven.




One thought on “Privilege and Responsibility

  1. so so true as you say… “with each gift there comes not only privilege but also responsibility: “worship the living God.” ”
    God I so love you and worship you and your Son Jesus the Christ, thank you God for your wonderful plan of salvation

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