Rise and Shine!

sunrise-ps-108aWhen do you spend time with God or do you even spend time alone with God? King David said, I will wake up at dawn. This was his willful, intentional decision. He made time to be alone with God in reading, prayer and praise. God was his priority no matter the kingdom or family issues before him. Is God your priority?

Ps 108 begins with this thought: my heart is fixed or steadfast, my heart is confident.

Here’s how “I” would use Psalm 108: Good Morning Lord! I woke up thinking about you and now here I am to learn from you. I am determined to accomplish this goal through your Illuminating Holy Spirit. I will sing, I will praise you with my whole heart. I will give you thanks for you are God. It is your faithfulness that I yearn to know more and more. So open my heart, eyes and ears to hear from you.  May your glory be seen all over the earth and let it start with me. I confess Lord that I need your deliverance this day from the ways of the enemy. Prepare me to see accomplishments in and over my life. It is by your power my enemies will be put to flight and it is because I trust in You and You alone.

Let your spirit roam through this psalm and pray it back to God. Why not make a date with God for your time alone with him  in the wee hours of the morning? Share how you would pray this psalm in your quiet time. Don’t wait, Start now! It’s time to Rise and Shine!





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