His Grace is Sufficient

2cor-12-sufficient-grace2a2Cor 12 “His Grace is Sufficient”

A precious friend begins her day on FB by posting a beautiful thank you card to those who are praying for her as she walks the journey of Alzheimer’s that her beloved faces each day; even though he is unaware.  Paul reminded the Corinthians to be thankful even when they face weakness whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical. In the Greek vs 9 reads “sufficient for you is my grace.” Sufficient means all-encompassing each and every circumstance we face. James reminds us that we to count it all joy when we face trials that our faith might grow exponentially until we reach maturity.

May we be known by the Master’s grace which is all the grace we need. Remember that Jesus does not let us walk alone. The Holy Spirit is Our Comforter, who resides with us and in us that His power may be made perfect in our weakness. The Greek word “perfect” is the same word Jesus uttered on the cross when He said: “it is finished.” Thus His power is “finished, completed” in our weakness. No wonder then that Paul said: “whenever I am weak, then I am strong.”

Today as you walk this earthly sod be ye thankful:  “sufficient for you is HIS grace.”



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