Navigating the Cultural Waters

footprints-in-the-sand2aRevelation 2 “Navigating the Cultural Waters”

The risen Christ is the “one who has a firm grasp on the seven stars in his right hand—the one who walks among the seven golden lampstands.” He knows…

C.S. Lewis’ Uncle Screwtape wrote to his nephew Wormwood how to counter the new believer’s stand. He was to implant ideas of complacency and compromise so he doesn’t take his new walk with Jesus seriously. Jesus knows Screwtape’s methods and his message and He has walked the road of those who say they are believers but are not. Jesus knows about the culture which seeks to undermine a believer’s faith. Jesus knows the new believer’s life began with a big hurrah but now may be declining in fervency and steadfastness. It is to Ephesus, Pergamum, and Thyatira as well as Smyrna and to us that Jesus speaks;

Know this truth. I am holding you in my grasp so may not fail. Remember this; you are engraved upon my palm. Therefore, remain faithful and do not give up but hold on. I am walking this road with you just as I did with those two on the Emmaus road long ago. I told those men and I tell you; be not slow of heart to believe but remain steadfast. My blessing and My magnificent and precious promises are ahead. This life is temporary but one day you will enter eternity to be with Me. I have overcome death’s sting so you could walk victoriously today.  Therefore, be ye steadfast, immovable; your labor will not be in vain.





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