Moving onward….

Am trying out my new Blog page…wonder which is easier or better…ideas, thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Moving onward….

  1. Using a blog post to reach people is a good avenue. Which site is easier to load from the various platforms?
    Regarding Leviticus – miss our time going through it – what a joy! One of the many blessings learned was that God loved them enough processes and ceremonies to give them something to do in the Wilderness and to stay healthy the whole time. They would need the health (which we all take for granted) in order to move into the Promised Land.


    1. Incredibly profound as I read this “again”- God is teaching me so much about His love for His people and for “me.” These are not just rules but are protective restrictions and “laws” because of where He was sending them. They needed practice to know how to live a set apart/sanctified life—just as I do!


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