Do You Hear God Calling You?

alexander-michl god callingLeviticus 1 to 4 There is a little book on the market simply titled: Jesus Calling. As you read this little book you see evidence of a person mulling over what God is telling them to do. But, here in our new book of Leviticus, we find that God is the one calling and He calls for a purpose

  1. God called Moses at the burning bush to lead his people out of Egypt
  2. God called Moses from the top of Mt. Sinai to give him the Ten Commandments and now
  3. God calls Moses to instruct him in how to teach the priests about sacrificial offerings that were to be a sweet aroma to him.

Just as Moses was called to lead his people out we are called to lead people out of their sin and depravity. Solomon asked God for wisdom to lead the people and we are to ask God for wisdom in how to call people to Jesus. The words of Jesus to the disciples: be my witnesses unto the furthest part of the earth.

God called Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments. God called and empowered the early with His Holy Spirit.

Lastly, God called Moses to instruct him in teaching and James reminds us of the responsibility to be the wise instructors of His flock. Paul told Timothy to teach the word that will make a man holy. Preach it in season and out of season, be faithful to teach the Word of God.

The Book of Leviticus is our guide book to holiness according to God’s ways that we would be holy. It is up to us to hear God calling and then to listen carefully that we may teach others just as Paul told Timothy to do.

Where is God calling you?


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