Psalm 125: Be A Mountain! Trust God!

Last year as we traveled to Calgary Canada we were thrilled with the majestic Canadian Rockies. The mountains are stunningly tall, seemingly impenetrable and a reminder of Psalm 125. God has created the sea, the mountains and all of the lands in between. All of which is a reminder of the psalmist’s words in Psalm 125: if we trust in the Lord we will be like Mt. Zion.


A mountain can withstand a storm’s fury or stand tall and erect on a sunny day yet from a spoken word the rocks can tumble forth. As Elijah stood in the mouth the cave he listened for God’s voice which was not in the earthquake and tumbling rocks but instead in the still soft quiet whisper of God. It was there that Elijah learned to trust in the God of the mountain and it is where we can retreat to find our own peace and strength because the mountains offer us a picture of stability and security.

Where is your trust? The psalmist tells us that if we trust in the Lord we will be “like” Mt. Zion which cannot be moved or shaken but endures forever.


Would love to have you reply ! Tell me what you think.

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