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The Master Potter’s Work of Love

potter3ajpg-1Daniel 4 “Molded For His Purpose”

Daniel had been given the marvelous gift of interpreting dreams, not for his glory, but for God’s. Daniel knew his purpose in life and he used each opportunity to share His God. God has protected and delivered the Hebrew faithful. He has blessed Daniel with the gift to interpret dreams.  Daniel has seen the grace and mercy of the God Most High and now will see the fruit of his steadfast witness. Unlike Pharaoh, who hardened his heart and then God hardened even further, with Nebuchadnezzar there is hope for his salvation. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

God knows the heart is “deceitful more than anything else, it is incurably bad.” [17] God also knows the way it will turn. [Jer 17] Some, like Pharaoh, will resist to their own doom, and end up seeing his empire collapse in a wave of water. But some like Nebuchadnezzar, just need to be placed on the potter’s wheel for a time and feel His hands of love molding and shaping. Therefore, In His lovingkindness, God will once again give the king a lesson in His grace and longsuffering through a dream. As Daniel is dumbfounded, Nebuchadnezzar is cool as a cucumber. The interpretation will move the king from knowing “about” God to “knowing” God. To do that Nebuchadnezzar’s pride must be removed before the king will extol and praise God. God will mold him through adversity that may be a useful vessel for the Master.

Perhaps you are on the Master’s pottery wheel. Will you let Him have his way to mold you into a work of art so you can extol the God Most High?