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Is My Lens Functioning? 1Cor 14

ImageLighthouses are fascinating. Their lens are rotating and emit light to show the ship captain the direction he is to use to navigate a treacherous channel to safety. The church is to be a lighthouse for the lost. Therefore, it is crucial that the lenses are cleaned often and they are operational 24/7. The Corinthian church was a lighthouse in that decadent city with its idolatry and immorality. And yet still the members were asking questions as to what their purpose was in this life as a church member. What is my role? Why should I be a contributing member? Paul addresses all of these in chapter 14 that their purpose was to be prepared to guide the lost to THE LIGHT.

Part 1: Pursue Love and Desire the spiritual gifts. Seek to prophesy [to teach, refute, reprove, admonish, comfort others] because in doing so you edify, exhort, and offer consolation. These gifts are to build up the Body.


Edification literally means building up of the soul. Barnabas is a biblical character that was nicknamed Encourager because he was an edifier. He was always ready with an encouraging word and did not miss a divine opportunity. So to edify we must keep our eyes and ears open. Take a moment and edify someone even right now!

Exhortation literally means pleading, persuading, inspiring. Its purpose is to strengthen and establish, or ground believers in their walk.  This is important to avoid false teaching, to renew our walk, and lead others out of spiritual quagmires. This is more than a meeting time for worship, it is an intentional meeting time to hear from another’s lips words that encourage and sharpen each other’s skills so that we become more like Christ. Take a moment and exhort someone who is struggling spiritually…do it even now.

Consolation is comfort. It is looking for those times to pray, encourage in person those who are hurting, going through rough times. Look at your calendar and ask whom did I console this past week and why? How did I do it in action and what words did I use? Take a moment and console a brother or sister who is in need of comfort. Share a word in a phone call, a note, a word that you are praying…do it now.

Part 2: Be Mature Thinkers. When others enter your worship do they hear intelligent conversation or the buzz words using Christian lingo? Speak the Word for it is the Word that convicts. [John 16:8, 2Tim 3:16] Then“If an unbeliever or uninformed person enters, he will be convicted by all, he will be called to account by all.  The secrets of his heart are disclosed, and in this way he will fall down with his face to the ground and worship God, declaring, “God is really among you.” Take a moment and search your conversations and note how many buzz words you are using…ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you speak to a non-believer…do it now. Pray that God give you a divine opportunity to be His witness.

Thus as a Body member we need to be about the Master’s business of edifying, exhorting and consoling others. We need to be instructed so that we can instruct others intelligently. This chapter convicts and instructs. Is our lens operational? Is it leading the lost to the LIGHT?  Does this “wordable” reflect me to the world and to others around me?




Scriptural Principles 101

ImagePaul has been teaching the Corinthians about their pride and arrogance. Swiftly he has taken them to task lovingly step by step. Now in this chapter Paul gives them some wise counsel beginning with this is why scripture has been written. Learn from it! Learn from the past! If you don’t you heed what is written for your instruction, you will just repeat the same mistakes. To help you, here are three principles which you must imprint strongly on your mind:

  1. God is faithful. He will not let you be tempted or tried beyond what you are able to bear. But, you must seek his way of escape out of that temptation. The Israelites faced a test and failed because they had a way of escape but failed to seek God and His plan.
  2. All things are lawful but not all things are profitable nor do all things edify. Paul returns to the same argument of earlier. Ask yourself if what you eat or drink will glorify God. If it will not walk away from it.
  3. Temptations will come, not if they come, they will certainly come. They may come in the form of idolatry or immorality. Do not put the Lord to the test. Rather, when you are tempted listen and heed the pleading voice of the Holy Spirit who has been given to you to convict you and to instruct you. You can ignore him but if you do you will only repeat the mistakes of the earlier generation.

Thus precious beloved ones remember these principles and live to glorify God.