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Jeremiah 1 “What’s Your Excuse?”


In chapter 18 of Jeremiah we read that the Master Potter forms and uses the clay to form perfect vessels, of whom we are. You are God’s chosen vessel. God is a promise keeper to equip us for the task.  But, like Jeremiah and Moses (see Exodus 4) we come up with all kinds of excuses to not obey God’s call.

Remember Moses first excuse and now Jeremiah. “I can’t speak eloquently.” Beloved remember this, God doesn’t bless the silver tongued orator but the tongue that has been touched by the coals of the fire of His kiln. He has been forging His kiln to cleanse you, perfect you and prepare you as we said yesterday “for such a time as this.” This is the first of the many “deadly d’s” to keep us from obedience.

Second excuse is that “I am inadequate.” I am young or I am too old. “our Lord Jesus Christ equip you with every good thing to do His will.” If God calls He will spiritually enable you to do His work (2Tim 3:17). “I will most assuredly give you the words you are to speak for me.”

Third excuse is “fear of the unknown or fear of failure.” Beloved remember this truth: we haven’t been given a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. “I will be with you to protect you.”

Fourth excuse; it’s a dangerous world out there. Is this world more dangerous or is Hell waiting for the lost a more powerful reason to step out into the world? This world is filled with the women at the well who are seeking to alleviate their thirst.

Fifth reason; do I have to do it now? The answer is “YES!”

So what is your excuse? You might go and read the account of Moses whom God called. God finally in His mercy allowed Aaron to assist him. If you read the accounts in Numbers you will find that this was not the best choice. Aaron may have been Moses helpmate but he was “flaky” and truly not committed to the task of leadership. God used him but it was not God’s first choice. Will you be God’s first choice?



Want Godly Children?

2tim 3 god breatheda It is an innate desire that we want to be known as godly parents/teachers and role models. We want and earnestly pray for godly children to be our legacy. How then does it begin and where does it begin? Paul gives us a glimpse as he writes this third chapter of 2 Timothy.

More than once Paul has commended Timothy’s mother and grandmother either directly or indirectly. It was because of Timothy’s heritage that he became who he was. Our children’s heritage, just as Timothy’s, begins at the knee of every parent where they learn godly traits. It is there that the scriptures are instilled into their lives thus fulfilling Ps 78: “tell to the generation to come the praises of the Lord…” Why is this so important? It is the sacred writings/scripture that are able to give children wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. It is because scripture alone is “inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;” It is scripture that prepares children to be adequate and equipped for every good work and it is scripture that prepares them to be able to handle the word of truth with accuracy.

We live in a world that seems to have gone awry. but is no different than in the time of Paul. Just read through the list of ungodly traits he lists in this chapter. It reads like the list of the worst of the worst in men and we are seeing it in living color today all across our globe. These children, now adults, are revealing the traits taught them from early on.  It is therefore imperative that parents, teachers, and other godly adults model and teach the scriptures which will help children to be able to discern good and evil. [Heb 5]. It is the scriptures that will help them to avoid people who hold to a form of godliness but deny its power, who are deceiving and being deceived. It will prepare them to stand strong should they face persecution such as the OT Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who when faced with certain death proclaimed that God could deliver but even if he did not they would refuse to bow down to Nebuchadnezzar’s idol god. It will prepare them to be like the children beheaded by ISIS just because they would not deny Jesus.

How are we doing preparing our children?