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The Tragic Consequences of Sin

1Samuel 21-22  Lying ranks right up there in the list of sins as that which God hates. [Prov 6:16]

1sam 21 prov 29 252a

The anointed King David rose to prominence as the Goliath killer, unafraid of his size and character. Yet, as we read this chapter, we find that fear of King Saul drove David to sin to protect himself. Where was God then? It seems like we are doing another lap around the wilderness and we are back to Prov 29:25 again “the fear of man is a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.”  How often does this verse reveal our heart and our actions, like the old saying of putting the cart before the horse.

David’s sin of lying led to tragic results when Doeg the Edomite killed the high priest and the other priests. This won’t be David’s first lie which causes us to wonder why did God choose him to be the next king. The answer is what God told Samuel. I don’t look at the outward man but the heart of the man. One of the character qualities of David is that of repentance when his sin was revealed.

We are quick to criticize David but fail to see how often we too make critical mistakes when it comes to self-protection because of the fear of man. Remember the words of Isaiah “God is the one you must respect, He is the one you should fear.” [Is 8:13]

Today, stop and slow down; think before you act and repent when your sin is revealed.


The Sword of the Lord and Gideon

The sword of the Lord is a symbol of God’s power, protection, and authority. What good is a sword in its sheath? Its power is unleashed when drawn.

Judges sword2a-

Judges 6 to 8  Children love the story of this man! After hearing this story, if told with great inflection, you often will hear them shout that phrase as they rehearse the story time after time. There is indeed much to shout about when you realize that Gideon was empowered with the wisdom and strength that only a mighty God could provide. But, Gideon did not start out that way; in fact he was a man who epitomized [Proverbs 29:25a] “The fear of man is a snare,” and it wasn’t until chapter 8 we find him living the rest of that verse: “but who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.” [Prov 29:25b] His life and the victory over the Midianites are an example to us that to do God’s work one must be surrender to God’s call.

Enter into scripture an example of a man that lived in fear and need much coaxing to do God’s work. The nation had cried out to God and He sent them an unnamed prophet to remind them of their sin.  Next God sent an angel to the man He would empower to free them from oppression.

God sent Jesus Christ who conquered our sin. Then He sent the Holy Spirit to empower us so we can turn the world upside down and give glory to God.

The sword of the Lord is God’s living word. 

Read it, memorize it, and meditate upon it daily so you can be a Gideon for Him!