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Satan’s Lies Never Change!

Ezekiel 28 Recently a rich and powerful man was found in sin. He was incarcerated and found that when all was said and done, his piled-up riches, and wisdom were unable to protect him from the enemies crouching at his door. His false façade of “self-exaltation” came crashing down and in that cold cell he, like the leader of Tyre, died alone. Satan’s lie never changes.

ezek 28 god is true2a

Satan has dangled this lie before men: “you will be like God.”  Like many, the rich man and the leader of Tyre, fell hook, line, and sinker trusting in their riches, position, power, and wisdom. Satan’s lies never change. James reminds us that when desire conceives, it gives birth to sin and when sin is full-grown, it gives birth to death. Have you fallen for Satan’s lie? Do you think all your riches, good works, and worldly wisdom will prove you are righteous? Beloved, God says there is none righteous, no not one. Your one-way ticket to heaven is through Jesus alone. He is the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Him.

Over and over God has said to men, I have left you here so you will see and know that I am the Lord. Like Pharaoh’s magicians, the rich man and the leader of Tyre saw the finger of God but chose to believe Satan’s lie and now face an eternity apart from Christ. Beloved, gods don’t die but humans do and apart from Christ will face eternal separation from God.   Learn this lesson: he who exalts himself shall be humbled.

What will you choose?


Fight or Surrender

Jeremiah 50 to 52 The book of Jeremiah is long and there are some pointed lessons to learn and they come through the tale of two kings; Zedekiah and Jehoiachin.

Jeremiah 52 fight or surrender.2ajpg

Both had the privilege of having Jeremiah speak the words of God to them and both had sought the advice of him as the Babylonians were crouching at their doorstep. Both were placed in the position of leadership yet failed because of their wickedness. One believed Jeremiah, surrendered and saved his family. The other rejected and lost his family and the royal household. Both ended up in a Babylonian prison yet one was released after 37 yrs. to sit at the king’s table. The other would die in his bronze chains and in blindness remembering the faces of his children as they were slaughtered. Neither would have a descendant to take their place on the throne.

What is our take away from these two men and their end? When we ask God what to do and He tells us, we have a choice; we can keep fighting God or surrender. God says surrender your life to me and you will have everlasting life but often we say we can save ourselves. I can fix myself. I can…I can…etc. etc. etc. Yet, Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.”

Surrender to God and be saved; reject and enter a Christ-less eternity.


The Church on the Corner

snowy-christmas-2aRevelation 3: From Jesus; I AM, I was and I AM still to come; I hold the seven spirits of God…” I know….your deeds…

This chapter in many ways describes the town where I grew up. There were three churches and together they formed a triangle in the middle of the town. They are still there today and still stand as a bedrock of that community. The churches in Revelation 3,Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea accurately describes these three churches in my hometown. Jesus sends a message to them and all other churches on the corner of every town and village.

Two of the churches use written documents that were written hundreds of years ago; their dogma remains fixed. To stray is to bring censure.  This chapter speaks to them and any in similar churches. Jesus says: I know the time you spend studying the scriptures but you are whitewashed tombs that look beautiful on the outside but inside are full of the bones of the dead. You are in need of my eye salve so you may see ME standing at your church door seeking entrance, not into the vestibule, but the heart of each person who enters.  I see you striving to maintain an outward appearance of religion always seeking instruction but never arriving at the knowledge of the truth.  To you I say: I alone hold the keys of David that will secure entrance into My Father’s kingdom. I ask you to rekindle that fire inside your bosom so that you are not lukewarm. Take off your garments which are soiled with the sin of deeds and preach the gospel message.

In the middle of the triangle stands a church similar to the faithful church at Philadelphia.  They have obeyed the gospel message to go and preach the gospel message. They have not denied His name. They walk steadfastly amongst the naysayers who want a world of inclusion not the message of the Way, the Truth and the Life by which one comes to the Father. To these, the risen Christ encourages with these words:  “I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness. That is why I have continued to be faithful to you.” [Jer 31]

This Christmas season Jesus, Emmanuel, is saying—evaluate your church. Are they steadfastly proclaiming the gospel message or are they watering down the truth of it so as to not offend the “someones?”  Jesus came because He loved you and wants a relationship with you. Will you let Him in?

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And There was LIGHT!

Ps 43 jesus2May 8th Ps 43 “Light”

The psalmist prayed “O send out your light and your truth” and God answered. He sent the Light of the World to illumine the darkness of men’s souls that they might be see and be redeemed. God sent forth the Way, the Truth and the Life that men might come to Him, the Messiah Jesus Christ. Again the psalmist said ‘light is sown like seed for the righteous’ reminding us of the parable Jesus taught on the soils. The seed lies waiting in the darkness for the abundance of rain to soften its hull. And when the light/seed finds entrance into our soul it germinates and grows it produces a crop 100 fold… if the soil is fertile. That is God’s promise to the children of light who have received and are being enlightened and are growing in maturity with his truth.

The psalmist who wrote: “The Lord is my light and my salvation”[ Psalm 27] prayed that God’s light and truth might lead him to God’s holy hill, his dwelling place. Jesus promised that the Iluminator of Light, the Holy Spirit would come to reveal all truth to us and lead us into everlasting life. Jesus said I am the Light of the World, believe in me so you may become sons of light. The promise is given; He who follows me will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life. To those who have received the gospel message it is required that a man be found faithful so that when the Master returns we may hear “well done, thou good and faithful servant. Go forth and share the gospel message.

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Authentication and Proving Required

ImageSo far in the book of Matthew, we have walked through the first three chapters and seen that as a superior researcher and writer, Matthew has given us three areas to prove that Jesus was the Messiah. First was the genealogical record, second his birth, thirdly, the world’s reception, and now in chapter 4 we will see his power over temptation.

 Job may have been God’s “s”ervant  who proved to be blameless but Jesus is the “S”ervant who not only proved blameless but left us with the truth of how to face the arch enemy of our souls.

The Holy Spirit anointed Jesus and led him into the wilderness. The Israelites were proven to be faithless but Jesus will prove His faithfulness. Sometimes we too are led into the wilderness to be proven. It is in these times of barrenness that we either rely upon God and His trustworthiness or succumb to the enemy’s bait.

We say Satan doesn’t get it, but in reality he does get it. He is persistent and his one aim is to destroy and change the plans of God. Allen Ross wrote: The temptation episode was God’s way of showing that Jesus was the perfect man, that He could resist sin, that he could defeat Satan.  He has conquered and therefore can intercede for us. [Heb 4:14-16].

And so the temptations begin with Satan dangling his bait just as he did in the garden, in the wilderness, did with Peter and does with us today. Jesus was discerning and so we should be as well. Hebrews reminds us to be feeding upon the meat of the Word, memorizing it so when he comes calling, disguised as an angel of light or otherwise, we can discern him for what he is: a liar and a thief. We are told by Paul to put on our armor for we will be wrestling not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of darkness.

 A truth we can count on: Satan sees only one side of God’s coin, he is not omniscient! Satan saw a garden destroyed but Jesus saw a wilderness–that is you and I, ready to be redeemed. Satan saw an earthly pinnacle but Jesus saw heaven’s portal – I am the Way, the Truth, the Life [ John 14:6]. Satan sought temporary worship of warring conflicting kingdoms but Jesus sought to bring men into God’s eternal kingdom exhibiting peace.  Through it all, Jesus proved He was Conqueror and Victor, because He knew the right choice of scripture better than his tempter and He would not be deterred to be removed from God’s eternal plan for mankind. He was steadfast and immoveable [1Cor 15:58].

ImageUpon the completion of the temptation angels came and ministered to Jesus. So when we have found our way of escape from the tempter’s grasp [ICor 10:13], we will be fed the manna of heaven or angel’s food as Irving Jensen called it.

While I or you face these temptations how will we be sustained? By the Word or by the flesh? Do we face the path of least resistance or are we ready with our sword and shield of faith etc. When the storm is passed how do we revel, in God’s glory or our own? Thoughts to consider.

But while we face these proving trials we must ask: What is it that sustains us in these times? When tempted and tried are we joyful and seek wisdom? [James 1]. Can we resist with scripture so the enemy must flee? [James 4:7]. Do we give God the glory when the storm has passed and we see His rainbow calling us to His work?