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Grace and Mercy

Joshua 19 grace and mercy2aJoshua 19-21  The Israelites still had not conquered all the land, so Joshua sent teams out to scout out the land, and to bring him their findings at the camp at Shiloh. The men journeyed through the land and mapped it and its cities out into seven regions on a scroll. Without maps, we would be spatially blind because they are an abstract image of locations. Thus the chapters in Joshua give us spatial relevance as to where the tribes were to claim land ownership as part of their inheritance.

Joshua parcels out their inheritance based on those maps. In this chapter, we find that Simeon was given land within the boundaries of Judah, thus fulfilling Jacob’s prediction that Simeon would experience dispersion because of his sin with Levi in the city of Shechem after their sister’s rape.  Which brings us to the lesson we need to learn: your sin will find you out. God remembers and looks for us to admit our sin, but if we do not, He allows for sin to come to fruition before punishing. Jacob reminded both that their knives were weapons of violence, and thus both sons would be scattered. The Levites were foolish slaughtering foreigners but were zealous in defending God’s honor at the Golden Calf incident. Simeon is the only tribe not blessed by Moses and is later is placed in “protective custody” in the land of his brother Judah. Levi was later exalted not because of who he was or what he had done but only by God’s grace. Simeon’s curse remained because he did not seek God’s mercy.

 God hates sin and its fruit. Let us learn from Simeon!

Grace and Mercy are free at the throne of God. Seek it!


What About Retirement?

Was retirement one of the topics you discussed when dating? Doesn’t seem an apropos topic for a date, does it  But then did you know God did?

Ps 78 sahring wisdoma

Numbers 8:23-26 There is no retirement in the Bible, right? When you are dating did you talk about this subject? Probably not but then again there are some who are forward thinkers and were thinking about that subject. Even God thought about retirement. In Num 8 he provided retirement for the Levites after the age of 50. Simply they were to retire from performing the work of carrying the tent materials.

How does one prepare for that stage of life? The psalmist [Ps 71] looked back and noted “that he had leaned upon God since birth” so he knew that God would sustain him in his old age when his strength failed. He and God were close friends. They walked and talked together each day much like Enoch. Like the retired Levites we are to share our wisdom with the younger generation. [Psalm 78] Are you developing the habit of teaching the younger generation about God? As a retired person are you looking for ways to mentor the next generation—even if you don’t have grandchildren!

How’s your attitude? They say if you are a grumbler in your younger days you will be a grumbler in your old age. Start now to develop an attitude of gratitude now so you will be a joy in your old age.

May I ask: Do you know God like that? Check out David Austin’s blog post on this topic: https://blogs.bible.org/director/david_austin/retirement_whats_next