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“God’s Recipe for Fudge”

ImageHave you ever read a verse of scripture, closed the Book and walked away and said, what did I just read or what does all of this mean to me practically? To illustrate, think of making fudge. You cook it and wait for it to “fudge” but it just remains gooey and seems to be more liquid than fudge. But then all of a sudden it turns into that delicious fudge and you walk away thinking, that is how fudge should be. I see now the patience in waiting for it to ‘fudge.’ That is how reading scripture seems at times. You read it, ponder and meditate upon it; but if you let it sit awhile it turns into “fudge” that you can eat and devour with abandon.

Psalm 39/40 are like that fudge in many ways. Where does one start? What is the lesson we are to glean? More importantly, what is the practical application that one can put into usage right now?

Here’s some ingredients for our ‘fudge’ from Psalm 39/40.

  • a cup of understanding the mortality and brevity of life
  • a cup of seeing life from an eternal perspective
  • a measure of total dependency upon God
  • an overabundance of God’s mercy

Mix together and then you have your fudge: “a reason to sing a new song, praising our God; courage to tell about His justice, His reliability and deliverance before the assembly”

 Is this your recipe for successful Christian living or are you like the psalmist who has to admit that one ingredient causes your ‘fudge’ to not ‘fudge’ “My sins overtake me …my strength fails me.” Just as a wrong ingredient may cause a recipe to fail, so sin causes us to fail to have that new song and the new message of His redemptive work. Peter saw his sin and his strength failed at a critical moment, but when he was restored he had a new song, and courage before the religious leaders.

So how’s your fudge coming along? Have you all the right ingredients? Take time today to ponder these thoughts.




How Do You Worship?

ImageOne of the greatest compliments ever paid to Christianity in the first century is that believers’ lives were so changed from the inside out that they turned the world upside down. Is that what the world says about us or do we fade into the background? If ever there were two psalms that should ignite our passion it is Psalm 95 and 96 which mirror Romans 1:20. God’s very creation sings for joy and we should be as well.

As you read these two psalms note the imperative verbs: Come! Shout! Sing! Bow Down and Worship! Proclaim! Tell! Ascribe! Say! Kneel! Announce every day! How can a Christian be silent when we read words such as these? As you enter the sanctuary open your hearts to worship and let the Illuminating Holy Spirit enter and change you from the inside out. Go forth and proclaim to those about that you are a new creature in Christ…and do it TODAY for Psalm 95 implores that.

Who is the Lord Most High? He is majestic in His splendor, note that the psalmist used that word three times in vs. 6,7,8. What does that mean to you? Spend some time pondering that you are entering the Holy of Holies. Dress in holy attire for you come to stand in the presence of the King of Kings.


Worthless vs Ideal Words [ Matt 12 &Prov 16 ]

ImageI love this picture to the left because it reminds me that even if I am faithless He is faithful.

I don’t know if you can relate but often have I cringed at something I have just said and the verse in Matthew 12 comes back to convict me.  It is then that I am reminded that I do need to more carefully choose what I say so that I am honoring God and my fellow man.

Pro 25:11 Like apples of gold in settings of silver, so is a word skillfully spoken.

Proverbs chapter 16 begins with these words: The intentions/plans of the heart belong to man but the answer of the tongue comes from the Lord;  but Jesus teaches:  Mat 12:36 I tell you that on the day of judgment, people will give an account for every worthless [idle] word they speak. It almost seems that these two sides of the coin teach opposing views. It seems like really we have no choice as to what we speak.  But is that true? We know that God does not contradict Himself. So our question is….Why are some words worthless and how do we harmonize these two verses?

 When men plan/think/reason using the gift that God has given them and trust Him to guide them then the responses we give will be His for we are His workmanship, created to accomplish good works [Eph 2:10]. If however, we refuse to plan, decline to consider, are unwilling to listen to wise counsel, are unwilling to see ourselves in need of wisdom, and allow pride to govern, then our words are idle or worthless and for these we will held accountable. A biblical truth is that God has graciously given us the ability to think and reason. Therefore, it behooves us to ponder and seek that godly wisdom that is given to men who desire His will and way. In that way we will speak and honor Him with ideal words that bring Him glory.

Father, Today may I be certain and give you praise for You because You care about each word, each direction, each decision that I  make. I can know that because you say so: ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love. That is why I have continued to be faithful to you. May I seek your will and your way that we bring glory to you alone. May I  boast that I know and understand that You, the Lord, act out of faithfulness, fairness, and justice in the earth. [Jer 9]