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Box Cake or Step by Step?

vintage-cake-making2a2Peter 3 “Box Cake or Step by Step?”

The world is in love with box cakes because of their ease of making a finished product. But, God’s plan is not like a box cake. He is a step by step God with each of us that we may “be conformed to the image of his Son.” [Rom 8:9] Buying those snowy white cookies is easier and often cheaper but when we take the time to add one ingredient after another we also have the time to pray for those who will receive these goodies. So too, God is patiently taking the ingredients that Peter listed in chapter one and adding them to our lives so that we might be more like His Son each day.

Peter warns us that just as in his day, there will be those who scoff at biblical truths. There are scoffers who say our time in the kitchen baking is also a waste of time. Yet, just as God is intentional and patient, “because he does not wish for any to perish but for all to come to repentance”[2Peter 3:9] what is our excuse for not being as well? Also, we scoff at the scoffers but how often do we fall victim to that mindset when we live as if we have tomorrow rather than living as if He might return any minute?

God has chosen to work intentionally step by step, will we do the same with those who need Christ? We never know what our touch of love may do to break the hardest of hearts.

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